Science Kit

The new project of our company is mainly small-scale production of science and technology.

The characteristics of small science and technology Science Kit are rich in science and technology, simple structure, easy processing, low cost, and can be completed independently. It is especially suitable for students and can cultivate their creative, thinking and practical abilities. Teachers can properly inspire students to create high quality small production.

According to the different thinking modes of small science and technology Science Toys, the types of small science and technology production can be divided into imitation type and creation type.

Making a car by oneself and so on. Creation can be divided into different levels. Generally, children's small-scale technology production is a primary thing, so it can't be too demanding.

Technology small production for children, very lively and interesting, has great attraction. But in the actual operation process, there are many difficulties, mainly concentrated on two issues, namely, time and topic.

According to age, knowledge level, practical ability and hobbies, different levels of production content should be selected. The lower grades should choose content that is easy to produce successfully, while the middle and upper grades should improve the difficulty.

Technology kits let children fall in love with science and exercise their hands-on ability.

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