Vinyl Toys use the Rotary moulding to complete the process of finished product. It is mainly used in toys, models, crafts, soft rubber dolls, bathroom toys, etc.

The forming method is to add the measured plastics (liquid or powder) into the mould, rotate it along two vertical rotating axes after the mould is closed, and heat the mould. Under the action of gravity and heat energy, the plastic raw materials in the mould are gradually uniformly coated and melted on the whole surface of the cavity, forming the same shape as the cavity, then cooling the model and demoulding it. Products of desired shape.

The wall thickness ranges from 1 mm to 16 mm. However, due to the viscosity relationship, the forming of thick-walled products is more difficult. Rotary moulding process is especially suitable for moulding 2-5mm plastic products.

Soft enamel, uniform thickness, no corner waste, no cracks, feel very comfortable, slippery, very flat, hollow, not broken, die cheap.

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